Ruckus Wifi

Been a while, super busy.


Last project was a job at a set of schools, deploying new Ruckus R710 AP’s,
as well as a SmartZone 100 Wireless controller.
These were replacing the old Meru wireless and wireless controllers.

Setup was straightforward once I discovered a wrong Gateway IP.


These things are great!


Once the controller is set up, the provisioning is automatic.
Simply roll room to room, pull the old AP down, put the new one up.
Grab the serial number off the box and write down the room number.


Once a batch of AP’s are installed, log onto the controller,

find the serial number in the list of already provisioned AP’s

and simply name it which room it is.
I have never had a job quite so easy, granted it was a lot of legwork,

up and down ladders, but straightforward.


In the end we replaced over 120 AP’s.

Took 5 days with 3 people going 8 hours a day.


Was a great Experience!